How to create your own no ads forum website for free ?

MoreForum offers users another good option for a free forum website. The site has many perks, although users might find the iPhone app version very appealing. Anyone who has or wants to create an online forum can really appreciate the service offered by MoreForum.

create a free forum using moreforum

create a free forum using moreforum

you’re just a couple clicks away from logging into your brand new, state-of-the-art, fully customizable discussion board.
Just complete and submit the short form to the right and you’re ready to go!
With MoreForum’ simple sign up process, anyone can create a free forum in just a few seconds.
No expertise or technical knowledge is necessary.
Once you’ve created your forum, you can begin inviting friends and hosting discussions immediately.
Take advantage of our rich features and enjoy the most popular free forum hosting service on the Internet!
For quick tips on managing your forum,visit the Getting Started Guide.
For more detailed explanations of forum related tasks, visit our Forum Help Guide.
Also, the MoreForum support community is always available to help if you have questions related to running or customizing your new forum.
Welcome to MoreForum, we’re glad you’re here !

Create a free forum :

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