How to make your own free forum chat site with a domain name?

With MoreForum’ simple sign up process,creating a new free forum takes less than 30 seconds .
After that you can begin inviting your friends and colleagues to browse your new forum and start discussing topics!
If you have questions or need help, our Support Forum community is the best in the business.

MoreForum Features
Free — What else needs to be said?

Easy to use — Our free forums are easy to use, set up, moderate, administrate, and customize.

No Size Limit — With MoreForum, you can create as many categories, boards, members, threads, topics and posts as you like. There’s no limit. We like busy forums!

Customizable — Create a unique and wondrous place with the best customization tools of any free forum.

Mobile App — Android or iPhone; Now members can stay connected when they’re on-the-go. We’re the only online free forum service supported by our own mobile app!

Simple Admin Tools — With our super simple admin tools, managing a forum has never been easier! You’ll like the clean organization of our easy to use admin area with clear language and a simple layout.

YouTube Embedding — Now members can share their favorite YouTube clips and embed them directly into discussion posts.

Upload Files — Share files with other forum members (music, pictures, documents, etc); Upload attachments directly into topic posts.

Best 24/7 support — We’re here to help 24/7 with our Getting Started Guide, our detailed Help Guide, and the best support community on the Internet.

Remotely Hosted — No software, no installation, no downloads. We’ll take care of the technical stuff for you. Just sign up and go!

Unlimited Bandwidth — MoreForum doesn’t place any limits on bandwidth usage for your community.

Scalable — Whether your group is a dozen of your closest friends or millions of people, MoreForum free forums will scale to accommodate any size community!

Top Moderation Tools — As forum moderating can often be a delicate job, MoreForum provides effective tools for moderators to discuss issues and render decisions beyond the view of other forum members.

Premium Features — We offer additional premium forum options including the ability to use your own custom domain name, remove advertising from your forum, and the ability to change your forum URL

Create a free forum :

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